With a bit of patience and planning starting a perennial garden from seed can be extremely rewarding. In just a few years your garden could be the envy of your entire neighborhood as it displays magnificent perennials. Buying a packet of seed for a few dollars rather than spending hundreds for full-grown plants could certainly be your incentive.

Here are some tips on how to start sowing;

  • Have a good idea where you're going to put your plants because it's really important to take into consideration light and soil requirements.
  • Plant in late June or July while it is warm to help with germination.
  • Follow the detailed growing information provided on the back of your variety packet.

Here is a short list of “tried and true” varieties that fellow gardeners have had excellent success with. They all can be seeded directly in the ground as soon as the danger of frost has past. Also review August sowing and September sowing perennials.

Most herbs are excellent for direct seeding, so check out our website for the vast array of herbs Stokes Seeds offers. Enjoy your garden!