Stokes’ Special Collections are the quick and easy way to build beautiful themed gardens!

The Folks at Stokes have put together several themed gardens filled with some of our most popular varieties.

We have launched a few vegetable garden favorites brought back by popular demand, a couple which will attract garden friendly pollinators and the remaining collections have been revived and carefully constructed to deliver a unique contribution to the success of your garden.

We are also happy to bring you terrific deals on each of these exclusive collections! Save up to 20% when buying Special Collections, rather than individual variety packets.

Whether you would like to grow show-stopping varieties, create focal points, or enrich backgrounds with tall ornamental grasses, we have a collection for you. Plant a hand-selected Special Collection today!

Below is a complete listing of all our Special Collections:

Splendor in the Shade
Add color to your garden with this collection of shade loving flowers.

Pollinator Paradise
Helping the environment is all the buzz! This collection attracts non-aggressive pollinating bees which live on the sweet nectar
found in these beautiful flower varieties.

Non-Edible Ornamental
An ornamental plant is grown for decoration, rater than food and provides us with visual delight.

Natural Dye Collection
Throughout history, flowers, vegetables and spices were used to dye fabrics and we can still use them today.

Fresh Smoothies and Juices
Replenish vitamins and increase your nutritional intake by creating smoothies with fresh garden grown ingredients.

Fragrant Garden
Let your sense of smell stimulate your imagination and emotions with this collection of Lavender, Sweet Peas, Lemon Balm, Nicotiana and Matthiola.

Butterfly Garden
Entice graceful butterflies to your special flower garden. These delicate winged creatures will visit your colorful garden for the sweet nectar in this collection.

A Cutting Garden
Bring summer indoors by arranging bouquets of fresh cut flowers from your very own cutting garden.

Majestic Sunflowers
This show-stopping collection highlights the hottest garden flower going. Four sunflower varieties that range in height from 10 in/25 cm to 6 ft/2 m.

Ornamental Grasses
Place this assortment of decorative grasses into new or existing landscapes. Collection includes medium and tall grasses.

Herbal Teas
This easy to grow collection will have you clipping fresh herbs all summer long. A list of descriptions and uses is included.

Summer Salads
Enjoy crisp fresh salads from your own garden. Lettuce, cucumbers, green onion, spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Sizzling Salsa
Finally, salsa the way you like it! Hot or mild, raw or cooked, the choice is yours.

Children's Garden
Inspire our up and coming gardeners with this easy to grow collection of Marigolds and Nasturtium flowers, Cherry tomatoes and snow peas.

Stir Fry Collection
Create mouth watering, nutritious stir fry meals directly from your own garden.