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  1. Edible Flowers

    Edible Flowers
    Add a touch of elegance to your dishes and desserts with edible flowers grown straight from your backyard. Many of these varieties can add a unique taste to your creations. Remember if you aren't sure if a flower is edible, it is always best to consult a plant or medical professional before consuming. A Arugula – (Eruca vesicaria) After plants have...
  2. Growing Herbs Indoors

    Growing Herbs Indoors
            Growing indoors makes it easy to snip fresh herbs to flavor meals whenever you need them. Fresh herbs invigorate every meal and make everything taste good. Probably the most difficult thing is deciding which herbs to grow, so think about the meals you cook and the herbs you find yourself reaching for time and again. Also...
  3. New Flowers of Merit for 2023

    New Flowers of Merit for 2023
      ASTER - Roses Formula Mix A beautiful mix of small and large double flowers in appleblossom, apricot, rose and white. ALYSSUM - Carpet of Snow Tiny pure white fragrant blossoms on dwarf plants are uniform and compact, spreading rapidly from June to October. This cool weather performer thrives well in drained soils of rock gardens and borders. BEGONIA...
  4. Special Collections

    Special Collections
    Stokes’ Special Collections are the quick and easy way to build beautiful themed gardens! The Folks at Stokes have put together several themed gardens filled with some of our most popular varieties. We have launched a few vegetable garden favorites brought back by popular demand, a couple which will attract garden friendly pollinators and the remaining collections have been revived...
  5. Seed Starting Guidelines

    Seed Starting Guidelines
    Introduction Seeds are easy to start indoors. Many vegetable, herb and flower varieties have unique requirements so the key to success is to do a little research on your seeds before you start. Starting seeds is a very rewarding and economical activity and even trying to germinate some of the more challenging seeds can be done if you read the Stokes...
  6. Horticultural Therapy

      Written by Karin Vermeer What is Horticultural Therapy? Horticultural therapy is all about using plants to bring about healing or wellness to a person’s life. Whether dealing with the results of growing old, or struggling with a mental disability, or addictions in substance abuse, plants, with the help of a horticultural therapist (HT) can bring about change. All activities...
  7. Kids & Gardening

    Kids & Gardening
      Through school and the media, many children, even pre-schoolers, are already aware of nature and the environment. The garden is an excellent place to reinforce what they have heard and learned, and a great place to encourage their creativity and self-discipline. As a child, how many times did you snap the jaws of a snapdragon or look for funny...

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