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  1. Spring Gardening Tips

    Spring Gardening Tips
      We all know that it is "officially" spring but in many parts of the country the calendar is teasing us! It may still be cold out and our frost free dates are still many weeks away, but let’s talk about what you can do now in your garden. First the hard stuff “soil prep”. So hard to do and...
  2. Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants

    Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants
    Healthy Soil is the key to your success with any garden. Roots are the big secret to gardening. If you are able to grow great roots – the top of the plant will likely be just fine. Take for example – carrots. If you plant carrots in hard, compacted soil you will get teeny tiny twisted little carrot things. The...
  3. Bringing Your Seedlings Outdoors

    Bringing Your Seedlings Outdoors
    How to harden off your seedlings. Your indoor seedlings will suffer a major setback if placed directly into the garden. Scorched plants will turn white or brown. Any that are not directly killed, will definitely suffer and growth will be stunted. Cool nights and high winds can also affect your delicate shoots. A week to ten days before your planting...
  4. Damping Off

    Damping Off
    Damping-Off Your baby plants come up and all is well. Then the stem gets a pinched appearance right at the soil line, the seedling flops over, and the whole thing soon withers and dies. Damping-off can be a problem for even the most experienced seed starters and is probably the single biggest problem for gardeners who start their seedlings indoors...
  5. Growing Under Lights

    Growing Under Lights
    If you live in an apartment or it is freezing and bitter outside, you can still garden under lights. The extra light and the growing plants help to take away the winter blues. Even if you don’t have a store-bought stand one can be made with a cast-off fixture, some cedar or treated lumber, screws, nails and cords. The best...

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