Carrot Seed

Carrots come in various forms and colors. Most are orange, but recently new colors such as purple and yellow have become very popular.Carrots are loaded with fiber and with vitamins such as K and B6, but are especially loaded with vitamin A. On top of being good for you, carrots taste good whether cooked or raw. The sweetness of carrots makes them very popular such dishes as muffins, cakes and puddings.Make sure your soil is well cultivated at least to the depth of the anticipated length of your carrot variety or you will end up with short crooked roots. Carrots grow very well in raised gardens, where the soil is well-tilled and rocks are not an issue.
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  1. Sun 255 (Carrot/hybrid/cello)
    Sun 255 (Carrot/hybrid/cello)

    Starting at CAD $3.76

    Item #: 89S
  2. Orange Blaze (Carrot/hybrid)
    Orange Blaze (Carrot/hybrid)

    Starting at CAD $4.85

    Item #: 87Z
  3. Eaglepak (Carrot/hybrid/early)
    Eaglepak (Carrot/hybrid/early)

    Starting at CAD $3.95

    Item #: 82E
  4. Sugarsnax 54 (Carrot/Nantes x Imperator/untreated)
    Sugarsnax 54 (Carrot/Nantes x Imperator/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $3.68

    Item #: UT89J
  5. SV4128DL (Carrot/hybrid/early)
    SV4128DL (Carrot/hybrid/early)

    Starting at CAD $4.49

    Item #: 86F
  6. SV2384DL (Carrot/hybrid)
    SV2384DL (Carrot/hybrid)

    Starting at CAD $4.75

    Item #: 86S
  7. Triton (Carrot/hybrid/early)
    Triton (Carrot/hybrid/early)

    Starting at CAD $3.14

    Item #: 88T
  8. Goldfinger (Carrot/baby & Nantes/hybrid)
    Goldfinger (Carrot/baby & Nantes/hybrid)

    Starting at CAD $4.85

    Item #: 91H
  9. Rebel (Carrot/hybrid/Nantes x Imperator)
    Rebel (Carrot/hybrid/Nantes x Imperator)

    Starting at CAD $4.04

    Item #: 91R
  10. Bolero (Carrot/Berlicum/untreated)
    Bolero (Carrot/Berlicum/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $3.88

    Item #: UT79D
  11. Honeysnax (Carrot/hybrid/early)
    Honeysnax (Carrot/hybrid/early)

    Starting at CAD $3.95

    Item #: 82H
  12. Cellobunch (Carrot/hybrid/early)
    Cellobunch (Carrot/hybrid/early)

    Starting at CAD $4.04

    Item #: 90A
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