Tophat Pink (Hybrid Begonia Pellets)

Latin Name: Interspecific begonia

Item #: P708A

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Suitable for Containers:


(16-20 in/41-51 cm) F1 hybrid. Strong upright branching habit with huge pink flowers. Finishes one week earlier than other varieties. Pelleted seed only.

(16-20 in/41-51 cm) F1 hybrid. Strong upright branching habit with huge flowers. Finishes one week earlier than other varieties. Great performance in both patio containers and landscapes. Pelleted seed only.


1/64 oz/0.5 mm - 33,000 Seeds;

CULTURE: Sow in January for in 4 in/10 cm. May sales Production of Begonias from seed is easy, if you follow the cultural directions closely. To get the best germination rate, you must be able to maintain constant temperature of 78-80°F/25-26°C. If this is not possible, use a constant temp. of 70-72°F/21-22°C throughout germination. Use a light fibrous soil of equal parts light soil, sand, peat moss or leaf mold. Soil must never dry until germination begins. After germination the seedlings must be kept gently moist. European growers use the following trick since seed is very fine, cover very slightly with big sand or light gravel. (You should be able to still see soil) this helps keep constant humidity and protects emerging germs from direct sun and also protects the seed when watering. After germination a minimum night temperature of 60-65°F/16-18°C is needed. A weekly feeding of 1/2 strength complete soluble fertilizer is necessary to keep them growing. After pricking off into flats use a spacing of 2x2 in/5x5 cm. Use full strength soluble fertilizer and grow until they start to crowd and then put into 3-4 in/8-10 cm pots. Begonias are light sensitive, light 12 hours per day. Continue lighting after germination or they will not grow and will gradually disappear. Cover seed flats on bright days with one thickness of newspaper. December or January sowing produces for spring bedding plants, sow in July for Christmas and mid winter sales.

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