Tender Sweet (Peas/sugar snap)

Latin Name: Pisum sativum

Item #: 232E

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67 Days



Open Pollinated


Suitable for Canning:


67 days. 100% stringless, fiberless and double podded Sugar Snap. Tender very sweet pods are uniform, medium sized 2.75 in/6 cm in length. 
67 days. 100% stringless, fiberless and double podded Sugar Snap. Tender very sweet pods are uniform, medium sized 2.75 in/6 cm in length. Determinate plants spread or climb 18 in/45.5 cm. Tolerant to Fusarium and Powdery Mildew.

PEAS for canning, fresh market or freezing

100 - 150 lb./45 - 68 kg per acre; 1 lb./454 g sows 150 ft./46 m of row, 1/4 lb./113 g sows 30 ft./9 m of row.

CULTURE: Sow early varieties as soon as the ground can be worked, (Mar. 30th. with us). 1 to 1.5 in/3 - 4 cm. deep, cover lightly, space seeds at 10 per ft/31 cm for later sowings when mid spring winds tend to dry the soil surface, sow seed a little deeper- 1.5 to 2 in/4 - 5 cm. Fall crops are sown Aug. 1st.

Germination: A soil temp. of 50 - 60°F/10 - 16°C for 5 or 8 days, and lots of moisture are required for proper germination. Space early, dwarf bush varieties in rows 2.5 ft/76 cm apart, later more vigorous types in 3.5 ft/l07 cm rows. Commercial plantings of edible podded peas may be grown in rows 5 to 5.5 ft/2 m apart or on stakes, trellis or fence in the home garden. For staked types, use rough 6 ft/2 m poles in rows 2 ft/61 cm apart with poles spaced 20 in/51 cm apart in the rows. Use the north end of the garden, so that shadows from the poles will not limit growth of neighboring plants. Sow 6 seeds around each pole, thin to the strongest 4 plants. Peas like a rich medium, well drained loam. Unlike most other crops, peas should not be heavily fertilized. Avoid fertilizers high in nitrogen as it tends to encourage too much plant growth and poor yields of peas. This overabundance of tender young growth also attracts insects. To increase yields dust seeds with nitrogen inoculant just before sowing.

Apply fertilizers: 4 in/8 - 1 0 cm deep a few days before seeding - do not fertilize when seeding. Heavy yielders require additional fertilizer just as pods form. If weather becomes warm just before harvest, avoid overhead irrigation - water should be supplied to plants in furrows between the rows. Overhead watering at this point causes mildew. Cultivate as shallow as possible, to prevent root injury. As plants begin to yield - pick all the pods as they mature, to keep plants productive. Follow peas with lettuce, carrots, radish etc. to make use of the land.

Freezing: Shell pods within 2 or 3 hours after picking for maximum sweetness. Blanch for 30 seconds. Cool, drain, pack and quick freeze.


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