Simply Salad™ Summer Picnic Mix (Lettuce mix/multi-pelleted)

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(8-12 in/20-30 cm) Multi-species, multi-pellet seed with 3 or more seedlings per pellet. Contains red and green leaf lettuces. Pkt. contains 25 pellets.

(8-12 in/20-30 cm) Multi-species, multi-pellet seed with 3 or more seedlings per pellet. Contains red and green leaf lettuces. Harvest every 3 weeks by cutting back to 2 in/5 cm. Pkt. contains 25 pellets.

SIMPLY SALAD - ENDLESS SUMMERA multi-pelleted blend of red and green leaf lettucesThese mixtures should provide 3 or more different seedlings permulti-pellet if planted properly. This means that 3 or more seedlingsshould germinate from each pellet. It is important that you sow sparselyas you do not to want to have to thin and destroy the unique purpose ofeach multi-species pellet. Each pellet contains a well-balanced mix ofdifferent types of red and green leaf lettuces. Plant 1 pellet in 4-6in/10-15 cm pots; 2-3 pellets in 10-12 in/25-30 cm, etc. No pinching orgrowth regulators are needed. If sown directly into final containersinstead of using transplanted seedling groups, total crop time can bereduced by 7 days. Leaves can be harvested in about 6-9 weeks if sowndirect into containers, cutting them down 2-3 in/5-7 cm from soil leveland re-harvested 2-3 weeks later.CULTURE: Multi-pellets are quite smalland should be planted fairly shallow – about 3/8 in/1 cm deep into asaturated warm sterile soilless mixture. Cover lightly with vermiculiteor the soilless mix, but do not firm. The light covering maintainsmoisture levels, which help dissolve the multi-pellets while lettinglight pass through to the seed. Space pellets 4-5 in/10-13 cm apart.Once planted, mist or lightly spray, keeping the pellet moist until itbreaks down. Groups of seedlings should germinate in 3-4 days @65-73°F/18-22°C. Commercial growers may prefer transplanting 2-3 weekold seedling groups from 105/128 cell plug trays. Additional light forgermination is not necessary. As seedling groups develop, keep mediamoist, not saturated as the roots will need oxygen to develop properly.Use a weak fertilizer with a low nitrate and phosphorous level toprovide a normal pH of about 5.8 for normal foliage development. Lowergrowth temperatures to 65-67°F/18-19°C. Do not allow seedling groups towilt. Lower temperatures for the final week of growth (before harvest) –week 8 from direct sowing or week 6 from transplants to 62-64°F/16-17°Cto slow foliage growth. Additional light at this point @2500 footcandles (26,900 lux) may help to keep the foliage upright. OUTDOORCROPS: For early April outdoor transplants, sow indoors Feb 15th – March15th. Do not thin! Direct seed outdoors March 20th through July or bySeptember 1st in the fall. Side dress foliage groups lightly with anitrogen based fertilizer 3 weeks after emergence to promote continualharvesting.
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