New Day Red Stripe (Gazania)

Latin Name: Gazania rigens

Item #: 942N

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(8-10 in/15-25 cm) More compact plant with a red stripe on a yellow petal. Pkt. contains 15 seeds.
(8-10 in/15-25 cm) More compact plant with a red stripe on a yellow petal. Drought tolerant plants have excellent performance in containers, baskets or in the garden. Coated seed. Pkt. contains 15 seeds.


 Annual - 8 in/20 cm Approx. 16,000 seeds per oz/28 g


GREENHOUSE: (CLEANED SEED) Sow indoors Feb. 15th to March 1st for July blooms. Germinate @ 60°F/16°C. soil temp. in total darkness for 7 to 14 days. Grow seedlings @ 65°F/18°C day and 55°F/13°C night air temps. Transplant about 5 weeks after germination. Grow @ 60°F/16°C. Transplant into the garden June 15 , 8 to 12 in/20 to 31 cm apart, in full sun, on dry sandy land. Gazanias are excellent for dry, windy areas, when air temperatures reach the high 80's or 90's. Use in planters, etc., or lift plants in Sept and re-pot as a house plant. They never stop blooming in the house. Outdoors Gazania blossoms close during cloudy weather and at nights - therefore are unsatisfactory cut flowers.

HOME GARDEN: Sow in-doors, as above. Outdoor sowings are too late flowering to be practical.


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