Indivisa (Dracaena)

Latin Name: Cordyline indivisia

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A popular "spike" plant often used in mixed containers. Pkt. contains 75 seeds.
A popular "spike" plant often used in mixed containers. Rubbed seed - 9,900 seeds per oz/28 g. Pkt. contains 75 seeds.

DRACAENA (Indivisa)

In hulls - 1,500 seeds per oz/28 g; Cleaned seed - 10,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Sow in Aug. for nice 3 in/8 cm pots for May sales. Sow in Dec. for good 2 1/4 in/6 cm pot plants by spring. Dracaenas require about 5 months to develop sellable 4 or 5 in/10 or 13 cm plants. Bedding plant growers should sow from Feb. to Mar., for May sales, the following year. If you have purchased seed in hulls, rub the seed pods against a piece of screen, until the small, shiny black seeds are visible. Remove the seeds from the chaff. (Cleaned seeds are also available). Seed is rather slow to sprout and usually takes 40 to 50 days, 55 - 65 % germination is considered to be high germinating seed! A minimum soil temp. of 80°F/27°C is a "must" for proper germination. Seed will not-sprout at 65°F/18°C Use luke warm water to keep soil moist, this prevents a critical drop in soil temp. Avoid cold drafts during germination. Press seed lightly into the surface, and do not cover. It seems to be light responsive. Both seedlings and maturing plants grow faster if you are using artificial light to lengthen daylight hours to at least 12 to 14 hours.

HOME GARDEN: If you are using artificial lights to aid germination, place them 6 - 12 in/15 - 31 cm above the seed flat. Use Jiffy Mix, rather than soil, it will help you attain maximum germination. Follow above instructions carefully. Bring mature plants inside before the frost, Re-pot in a large pot. Water sparingly throughout the winter. Trim off brown leaves. Transplant outside next June.


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