French Horticultural Bush (Novelty Bean)

Latin Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

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68 Days



Open Pollinated


68 days. Nearly straight 6-8 in/15-20 cm pods with splashes of red and yellow.
68 days. Although this strain produces lots of runners, it is not usually staked. Pods are 6-8 in/15-20 cm long, nearly straight, with splashes of red and yellow.Beige/brown seed. For untreated seed order UT6.


1/4 lb/113 g sows about 35 ft/11 m of row 1 lb/454 g. sows 150 ft/46 m of row; 60-80 lbs/27 kg per acre.

CULTURE: Horticultural types mature in various colors at different stages of maturity. In the early stages 30-40 days from seeding, pods will be flat green. Pods can be picked and used green like Lima beans. The fully mature pod will become slightly lumpy and change from a green pod to red, cream and yellow streaked pod. These are sold or used as dried beans in Sept./Oct. This is an interspecies cross between pole and bush types, so it will always throw runners with its more vigorous bush plant habit.

SOWING: For a continuous supply of fresh beans, sow every 10 days from mid May until July 30th. Minimum soil temp is 65°F/18°C. Optimum soil temp. Range is between 70-80°F/21-29°C for good germination. Seed will decay rapidly at soil temps. of 60°F/16°C or lower. For higher yield, dust seed with a Nitrogen Innoculant. Space seeds 2-4 in/5-10 cm. Apart, in rows 24-30 in/61-76 cm apart. Sow beans fairly shallow - about 1 in/25 mm deep. For Mechanical Harvesting space rows 36-38 in/91-97 cm apart and 6-8 plants per ft/31 cm or row, depending on variety plant habit.

FERTILIZATION: Fertilize in bands or in cultivator marks 2 in/5 cm deep and 3 in/8 cm away from the seeded row. Beans respond to high rates of phosphorous, but can be damaged by strong applications of potassium, especially if it touches the seed. Therefore it is advised to limit fertilizer applications to 20 lbs/9 kg. Per acre in high potassium soils and 60 lbs/27 kg per acre in low potassium soils. Add nitrogen at 15-20 lbs/7-9 kg. Per acre at planting time and side dress a day or so after heavy rains, if foliage becomes light green. It's best to wait until plants are well on their way before your first application. Give them a second feeding, just as the pods begin to form. You should get 4-6 good pickings.

CULTIVATION: Do not cultivate right after a heavy rain, or too early in the morning when plants are wet. This causes bean rush, anthracnose or blight and helps to spread bean mosaic. Avoid planting on poorly drained soil. Plow deeply to run under diseased bean plant refuse in the fall. Practice crop rotation at least every three years with non related crops. Do not plant to early, beans will not grow in cold ground.

HARVEST: Harvest beans when while they are young, every 7 days. Over mature pods are poor eating and weaken plants.

FREEZING: Select tender, stringless beans. Wash well and remove ends. Cut into 1 in/25 mm lengths or slice lengthwise (French cut). Blanching time: 1.5 minutes. Cool quickly, drain, pack and quick freeze.

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