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Emerald Falls (Dichondra)

Latin Name: D. repens

Item #: 5003401

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Suitable for Containers:


Hanging Basket Type


Heat tolerant plants, grow to about 3 ft/90 cm long and branch heavily. Available in multi-pellets only. Pkt. contains 10 multi-pellets.
Heat tolerant plants grow to about 3 ft/90 cm long, branching heavily to completely cover the pot. Can be used as ground cover, with ground-hugging height of 2-4 in/5-10 cm. Pkt. contains 10 multi-pellets. Available in multi-pellets only.


Annual trailing/ground cover Approx.6,070 seeds per oz/28 gr

Vigorous growth with a true cascading habit which can also be used as a spreading ground cover. Rounded fan shaped silver foliage .5-1 in/2-3 cm wide and .5-3/4 in /1-2 cm long and silver colored stems. Plants are very drought and heat tolerant and will recover quickly if wilted. Branches well without pinching. Plants perform best in full sun and require well drained soils due to their ground-hugging habit.

CULTURE: Allow 11-12 weeks for finished 4 in/10 cm pots and 13-14 weeks for 10 in/25 cm containers. Sow Jan. 15th-Feb 1st. Germinate @ 72-76°F/22-24°C for 4 days. Grow plants cooler @ 65-76°F/18-24°C days and 62-65°F/16-18°C nights. Great for containers, hanging baskets or as a silver grey ground cover for hot dry areas. Average germ 85%.


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