Bella™ Select Mix (Abutilon)

Latin Name: Abutilon x hybridum

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Large 3 - 4 in/7.5 - 10 cm pastel blooms on 14-18 in/36-46 cm plants. Shades of ivory, lemon, pink, apricot, rose, coral, red.

(14-18 in/36-46 cm) Large 3-4 in/7.5-10 cm pastel blooms. Ivory, lemon, pink, apricot, rose, coral, red. Great for flowering house plant or bedding plant use. Plants bloom continuously indoors or out.


Approx. 8,500 seeds per oz/28 gr.

CULTURE: Sow April 1st, germinate 3-5 days @ 70°F/21°C at high humidity, cover seed lightly. Seed germinates easily. Grow plants @ 65-75°F/18-24°C. Blooms the first summer in 4 in/10 cm pots, baskets or as a small standard in gallon containers, in about 11-13 weeks. For taller, woody standards (24 in/60 cm) hold over the first winter for a second season. Abutilon is really a tender shrub but is grown as an annual bedding plant or as an indoor flowering houseplant in a bright light location. The plant blooms continuously, indoors or out even in high temperatures but prefers an outdoor location in full sun or partial shade.


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