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Aspabroc (Broccolini™/hybrid/untreated)


Latin Name: Brassica oleracea

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50-60 days. Broccolini™, a cross between broccoli and guylon, has a delicious mild taste. Continues producing heads for 4 weeks. Pkt contains 75 seeds. 

50-60 days. Broccolini™, a cross between broccoli and guylon, has a delicious mild taste. Initial small head must be removed to stimulate growth of 3-5 secondary shoots. Plants height reaches 20-24 in/51-61 cm. Untreated seed. Limited. Pkt contains 75 seeds. 


Sprouting Italian Broccoli X Guylon

Originally developed by Sakata Seed of Japan in 1993. This type of hybrid is now sold to grocery stores worldwide under several different breeders and registered trademark names. Most breeders refer to it as Broccoletti or Baby Broccoli. The entire plant is edible including the sweet loose clusters of dime size florets which combine to make 25 cent sized open plump beaded heads supported by 8-10 in/20-25 cm slim, cylindrical 0.75 in/1 mm thick, mild tasting stems (that have an asparagus appearance) plus the occasional yellow flower. Eat young buds and tender stems raw or sauté, steam or stir fry both in olive oil. This combination is high in vitamin C and contains vitamin A, calcium, folate and iron. In stores it is marketed in cardboard/plastic “clamshell” containers next to cauliflower clusters and is rarely bunched due to its very tender, pliable short Guylon stems. CULTURE: Seed is smaller than regular Broccoli or Cabbage. Sow outdoors in late April or early May @ 10 seeds per ft/30 cm; 0.25 in/0.5 cm deep, cover lightly. In cooler Northeastern areas a late May sowing or use of May 15th transplants may avoid main root maggot, cabbage looper cycles as they decrease or use row covers. For transplants, germinate seed @ 70°F/21°C days and 68°F/20°C nights. Move transplants outdoors 3 weeks later. Plants can tolerate a light frost during late spring or mid-September. Plants are knee high, averaging 20-24 in/50-60 cm and mature 60 days from direct seeding or 50 days from transplants. Seeding rate 1,000 seeds per 165 ft. Space plants 24 in/60 cm apart to increase side shoot production in rows 3 ft/1 m apart. HARVEST main central plant stem as buds begin to form and stem leaves are very tiny. This encourages side stems to begin to appear a few days later. You must harvest side stems as soon as the buds form at least two times a week. Plants will produce several delicious side stems and florets per week for 4-6 weeks. Avoid hot midsummer production which causes almost all broccoli types to bolt to seed quickly and produce bitter tasting florets and tough stems. For roadside sales - trim stems to 6 or 8 in/15 or 17 cm and pack 10 or 12 stems with buds into “clamshell” containers. Pack containers in ice at harvest. Store @ 32°F/0°C for 10 to 14 days. NOTE: This type of vegetable has been marketed in US and Canadian chain stores for several years by different breeders under several different names such as “Tenderstem Broccoli”; “Baby Broccoli” and “Broccolini® - which is a registered trademark of Mann Packing Company Inc.

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