Arizona™ Sun (Gaillardia)

Latin Name: G. aristata

Item #: 922F

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(12 in/30 cm) An abundance of 4 in/10 cm bright yellow and red flowers. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.
(12 in/30 cm) An abundance of 3.5in/19 cm bright yellow and red flowers. An early blooming first year perennial ideal for mixed containers or perennial borders. Fleuroselect Gold Medal and AAS Winner. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.


PERENNIAL Approx. 15,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Seed needs light to germinate, so press seed lightly into a soilless mixture. Germinate @ 70 - 75°F/21 - 24°C. Maintain uniformly moist but not wet soil. Transplant into 2 1/4 in/6 cm peat pots 6 weeks from seeding.. Set plants outside after danger of frost. Select a rich, deep soil. Space plants 12 in/31 cm apart in rows 18 in/46 cm apart. Should produce excellent cutting material the following summer.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow indoors or outdoors anytime from April to August. Plants like full sun, space or thin to 12 or 18 in/31 - 46 cm apart. Cut off faded flowers to limit seed production and extend flowering season. To increase, sink a spade in a 6 in/15 cm circle from the crown of the plant - this cuts the roots, which sprout into young material the following Spring. Make divisions in the spring. Blooming season extends from June to Sept.


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