Latin Name: M. spicata

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80 days. Perennial. Upright 22 in/56cm plant, used as plant oil, young leaves for jellies and drinks. Pkt contains 250 seeds.
80 days. Perennial. Likes moist peat soils. Upright 22 in/56cm plant, used as plant oil, young leaves for jellies and drinks. 304,000 seeds per oz./28g. Narrow leaves. Pkt. contains 250 seeds.

MINT - Spearmint

Perennial (22 in/56 cm) Approx. 304,000 seeds per oz/28 g

Seed may be sown indoors from Feb. 1st - March 30th and outdoors in rows Apr. 15th - June 15th or in early Sept. Seed is very fine like tobacco or petunia seed but it usually germinates about 70% or better in a semi-shaded location in approx. 10 days. Sow the seed as thinly as possible @ approx. 25 seeds per in/25 mm. Moisten the seed bed before sowing. Make a seeding mark in the soil surface 1/8 in/3 mm deep. Press the seed gently into the surface with the edge of a ruler. Do not cover.

CULTURE: A cool moist propagation area is perfect with a deep soil rich in humus, well-drained and with good moisture retention. Although mints do very well in partially shaded locations, commercial crops are also grown in sunny areas on sandy soils where the soil has been fortified with leaf mold, burnt ash and other humus and where a source of irrigation is handy. Young plants require water once a week while they are becoming established and three times a week when fully developed. Since spearmint is a perennial with a dense network of underground runners, root divisions may be lifted in Feb. or Mar., every piece showing a joint will grow. Replant roots in shallow trenches 2 in/5 cm deep, 8 in/20 cm between plants in rows 6 in/15 cm apart. Mint beds should be replaced every three years. Frequent cuttings may be made during the summer for propagation purposes providing the plants are well watered and well fed with a good top dressing of rotted manure between the rows in the spring.

HARVEST: When plants bloom and the bottom leaves begin to yellow, stalks should be cut a few inches above the root on a dry day, after the dew has disappeared and before the hot afternoon sun has taken the oil from the leaves. All discolored and insect damaged leaves should be discarded. Tie the stems loosely into bunches like parsley and hang to dry. When leaves are thoroughly dry, strip them from the stems and rub them through a fine screen.

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