Latin Name: R. officinalis

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85 days. Perennial. Use needle-like leaf tips sparingly to flavor meats and sauces. Pkt contains 150 seeds.
85 days. Perennial. Bushy 2 ft/61 cm plant. Use needle-like leaf tips sparingly to flavor meats and sauces. 24,000 seeds per oz./28g. Pkt. contains 150 seeds.

ROSEMARY - a fragrant herb for seasoning

oz/28 g contains about 24,000 seeds

CULTURE: Sow seeds indoors in February or outdoors in May. Seeds germinate in about 21 days. Germinate @ 65°F/18°C soil temp. in sand or seedling mix, 0.25 in/6 mm deep, cover and firm lightly. This species likes warm, dry soil with lots of lime or chalk dug into it. Mature plants form hardy shrubs about 3 ft/91 cm high with blue flowers. Pine needle-like foliage is gray, quite fragrant. In most parts of northern U.S.A and Canada, it is treated as a tender perennial that must be taken inside during winter months. Prune back plants each spring for more leafy shoots. Flavor is rather pungent and piney.

HARVEST: Use whole leaves sparingly with a pinch of thyme and marjoram, for flavoring roast pork. Flavor is always better when cooked. Leafy tops are used in the preparation of soap, perfume and liniment ointment.

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