White Lisbon (Onion/bunching)

Latin Name: Allium cepa

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60 Days



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60 days. Earliest bunching onion. Popular in Detroit area as a "scallion". Pkt contains 600 seeds.
60 days. Earliest bunching onion - this one bulbs early. Must be harvested before the bottom of the shaft swells too much. Popular in Detroit area as a "scallion". GS. Pkt contains about 600 seeds.

GREEN ONIONS for fresh market bunching

Sow @ 4 to 6 lbs./2 - 3 kg per acre; oz./28 g contains about 6,000 seeds

CULTURE: Seed size varies up to 30% from year to year. All growers should consider this point before sowing. A wide range of varieties is available for early, main season, late and wintering - over crops. Green onions are heavy feeders, and prefer pH 6.5, moderately acid sandy soil - with plenty of humus or muck soils. The land should be clean (no sod) and well drained. Fertilize fairly liberally with well rotted manure or a good 10 - 20 - 30 @ 600 lbs./275 kg per acre (slightly less on acid soils) - early in the spring. If your land is light and sandy, add peat moss. Early sowings (from April to late May) must be protected from onion maggots with a suitable insecticide such as Diazinon, Ethion etc. which is sprayed right into the seed furrow when seeding. Maggots are almost impossible to control without chemicals especially in northern areas where soils are cold. Organic gardeners in these areas are advised to wait until May 15th., when the onion maggot cycle decreases in the north, before sowing. Sow seed in a band 1 to 1 1/2 in./2 - 4 cm. wide spacing seeds @ about 10 seeds per in./25 mm from April till June 25th. - 1/2 in./ 13 mm. deep, in rows 18 in./45 cm apart. Thin to 1 1/2 in./4 cm. apart. Onions are shallow rooted and should be watered frequently throughout the growing season. Plants should receive 1 in./25 mm. of water per week. Side dress about twice with nitrogen. Regular shallow cultivation (once, or twice a week) is necessary to control weeds. Sow winter varieties in July, mulch with straw in northern areas.

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