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Beans are the second most popular home garden vegetable after tomatoes. It's easy to see why. Growing beans is probably one of the easiest vegetables of all. Just plant them in an area with lots of sunshine, good drainage and well fertilized soil. There are many different types of beans. The snap pole or bush bean is eaten in the immature stage, shell and all. Lima, pinto, broad/fava & kidney beans are eaten at the mature stage - only the bean itself is consumed.Beans are loaded with fibre,protein, complex carbohydrates, folate, and iron.

NOTE: SHIPPING BEANS - S have extra fibre to prevent breakage during the long journey to market and to keep their appearance (less lumpiness). They are never used for processing, freezing or canning, but can be used for the first and last sowings for PYO (pick your own) operations. Chain stores prefer this type - they stay “beautiful” for extended periods. This type can be machine harvested. FRESH MARKET BEANS - F and GOURMET BEANS - PG have less fibre and some very tender types will get lumpy fast, if you don’t harvest on a regular basis during hot weather. pvp - Plant variety protected. 

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  1. Royal Burgundy (Novelty Bean/untreated)
    Royal Burgundy (Novelty Bean/untreated)

    Starting at USD $2.20

    Item #: UT21
  2. Blue Lake (Pole Bean)
    Blue Lake (Pole Bean)

    Starting at USD $2.20

    Item #: 9
  3. Rocdor (Wax Bean)
    Rocdor (Wax Bean)

    Starting at USD $8.65

    Item #: 7
  4. California Red Kidney (Bean/untreated)
    California Red Kidney (Bean/untreated)

    Starting at USD $1.65

    Item #: 5
  5. Aquadulce (Bean/Fava)
    Aquadulce (Bean/Fava)

    Starting at USD $5.20

    Item #: 30B
  6. Broad Windsor Long Pod (Bean/Fava)
    Broad Windsor Long Pod (Bean/Fava)

    Starting at USD $2.45

    Item #: 30
  7. Scarlet Runner (Pole Bean)
    Scarlet Runner (Pole Bean)

    Starting at USD $3.20

    Item #: 28
  8. Kentucky Wonder Green (Pole Bean)
    Kentucky Wonder Green (Pole Bean)

    Starting at USD $2.20

    Item #: 26
  9. Kentucky Wonder Wax (Pole Bean)
    Kentucky Wonder Wax (Pole Bean)

    Starting at USD $2.20

    Item #: 27
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