Tidal Wave® Purple (Petunia/multiflora/pelleted)

Latin Name: P. x hybrida

Item #: P1199D

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Masses of 2 in/5 cm bright purple blooms cover plants completely, and provide a dense ground cover.
Masses of 2 in/5 cm vibrant bright purple blooms cover plants completely. Hedgiflora series which provides a dense ground cover 10 in/25 cm high, spreading 3 ft/90 cm at maturity.

Petunia - Hedgiflora (Annual)

Approx. 33,000 sds per oz/28 g (pelleted)

A whole new type of petunia. Tidal Wave takes its "hedge" name from the outstanding shrub-like shape that continues to hold its form all season. "Flora" refers to the amazing number of 2 in./ 5 cm blooms that cover the plants. Use pure Jiffy Mix in seedling flats rather than soil mixtures for better germination. Fill the flat to within 1/4 in./6 mm. from the top and firm (especially the corners) to prevent soil erosion when watering. Soak the seed flat thoroughly before sowing with lukewarm water (70°F/21°C) and a good fungicide to prevent disease. Mark the rows 2 in./5 cm apart and 1/8 in./3 mm deep, 1/2 in./13 mm wide, with the edge of a label or a marking board. If you are sowing several different colors in the same flat it might be good idea to place a piece of cardboard across the flat on both sides of the row that your are sowing to prevent mixtures.

Broadcast the seed as thinly as possible in each row. Press the seed firmly into the surface. We do not usually cover with soil. If you believe in covering the seed, use coarse vermiculite. It retains moisture and allows enough light for proper germination. To conserve moisture, cover seed flats with plastic or glass. For ideal germination, media temperature should be 72-76°F /22-24°C. Use bottom heat if possible. Do not use cold water. It lowers the soil temperature and weakens tender seedlings. Uncover your seed bed at the first signs of germination, to prevent tall, weak seedlings. Grow seedlings at 65-75°F./18-24°C days, and 55-65°F./13-18°C. nights. 12-16 weeks to flower (6 in./15 cm. pots).

In the Garden: Tidal Wave grows according to the space available. The closer the spacing the taller and more shrub like the plants grow, using each other as support. Spaced a minimum of 12 in./30 cm. apart, Tidal Wave forms a mounded hedge. Grown in a restricted space with additional support like a fence or bush, plants grow upward like a vine. Spaced up to 24 in./60 cm. apart in the garden, Tidal Wave grows like a ground cover, spreading 2-1/2 to 4 ft. (75 to 120 cm). Choose a full sun location (at least 6 hrs. of direct sunlight). Keep well fed and watered. Due to the vigorous growth, best results are achieved by feeding plants with an all purpose fertilizer every 10-14 days, especially when grown in containers.


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