Tasso™ Mix (Bellis Perennis)

Latin Name: B. perennis

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(5 in/12 cm) Plant are very compact with short, strong flower stems that set buds uniformly.
(5 in/12 cm) A great improvement on the Pomponette type. Tasso® flowers are large with very tight tubular petals, which provide much more double appearance than the Grandifloras or the Pomponettes. Plant are very compact with short, strong flower stems that set buds uniformly. Blooms are earlier than Grandifloras, more double and slightly smaller in size.


Biennial (6-10 in/15-25 cm)

CULTURE: Commercial growers should sow seed indoors for spring flowers at the same time as pansies. Sow late Dec. until Jan. 20th, crop time is about 22 weeks. Freeze seed for 48 hours before sowing, to simulate vernalization. Use Jiffy Mix or a well-drained sandy soil in 12x20 in/31x51 cm flats @ about 700 seedlings per flat. Seed is very fine - sow as thinly as possible. Press seed into the surface. Do not cover - leave seed exposed to light. Germinate @ 70-75°F/21-24°C for 7-14 days. Grow seedlings @ alternating cool 60-65°F/15-18°C day/night temps. Keep seedlings well watered, do not let them wilt. Spring plants are sold green in 4-8 in/10-20 cm pots, plants flower the second year. First year plants need to be well watered throughout hot dry summer months. Protect plants with mulch in the fall. Make sure you use both large and small transplants (small seedlings are usually the best colors.) Fertilize August plants so that they will easily survive the harsh subzero winter months.

HOME GARDENERS: Should sow seed outdoors in August. Use the same growing culture as Pansies - mulched with straw to provide added root protection to survive subzero winter temps. Plants flower in early spring with pansies. Keep plants well watered each summer.




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