Supernova™ Mix (Polyanthus)

Latin Name: Primula polyanthus

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(8 in/20 cm) Extra large 2 in/5 cm blooms on 4 in/10 cm umbels. Wider color range of up to 11 colors. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.
(8 in/20 cm) Not as hardy as Pacific Giants but has better disease tolerance and is earlier flowering. Extra large 2 in/5 cm blooms on 4 in/10 cm umbels. Wider color range of up to 11 colors. Primulas have continuous colorful blooms. Can be used as a pot plant, in patio containers or in the landscape. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.

PRIMULA (Polyanthus - Veris)


GREENHOUSE: Pre-chill for 48 hours @ 34-40°F/2-4°C before sowing to break dormancy. Sow Feb. 1 - Apr. 1 for June perennial sales in 2.5 in/6 cm jiffy7s (without bloom) or Aug 1st for late fall transplants to be wintered over in cold frames for Spring sales (in bloom). Germinate @ 70°F/21°C soil temp. (60°F/16°C nights) for about 40 days. Press seed lightly into the soil, do not cover as it needs light for germination. Keep seed bed moist with lukewarm water. Do not allow soil temperature to get too high during the germination period and do not let soil surface dry out or crust. Shade transplants lightly and keep cool for richer colors. Plants like sandy, well drained soil (no peat moss) with lots of organic matter.

HOME GARDEN: Sow indoors as above, in seed boxes. The smallest seedlings are your best colors. Transplant 6-10 in/15-25 cm apart. Water deeply during droughts. Spray for Red Spider during hot weather. Make plant divisions every second year, just after flowering.

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