Sunrich Lime (Hybrid Helianthus)

Latin Name: Helianthus annus

Item #: 982N

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(36 in/91 cm) No pollen type. Yellow blooms with lime green centres.
(36 in/91 cm) No pollen type. Yellow blooms with lime green centres. Matures 60 days from seed until bloom. Pkt contains 20 seeds.


Annual Approx. 250 - 700 seeds per oz/28 g (Variable seed size.)

GREENHOUSE: Many growers use sun flower in peat pots in their spring sales assortment. They make a good "privacy break" for people with small backyards and also attract birds who gather the seeds in the fall. Florists with land to grow cut flowers often use Color Fashion Mixed for cutting. Sow in 3 in/8 cm peat pots, 1/4 or 1/2 in/6 or 13 mm deep, and cover with soil. Germinate @ 70°F/21°C soil temp. for 7 days about April 1st.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outdoors after danger of frost and soil temps. are about 65-70°F/18-21°C. Plant seed in groups or hills of 3 seeds each, 1/4 in/6 mm deep, 12 to 16 in/31 - 41 cm apart. Thin to the strongest seedling. They thrive in hot sunny locations. Spray with a mild fungicide once or twice during hot muggy periods to protect plants from disease. A good cut flower. Collect seed in the fall for winter bird feeders.


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