State Fair Mix (Zinnia)

Latin Name: Z. violaecae

Item #: 1462

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(2.5 ft/77 cm) One of the best giant flowered Zinnias for the bedding plant trade. Pkt. contains 40 seeds
(2.5 ft/77 cm) One of the best giant flowered Zinnias for the bedding plant trade. This tetraploid strain produces huskier plants and shows a tolerance to mildew and alternaria. Pkt. contains 40 seeds.


Seed size varies according to type from 2,500-6,200 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Sow Mar. 20th - Apr. 1st for May-June bedding plant sales. 1 oz/28 g sows approx. nine (20x12 in/51x31 cm) flats @ 800 - 900 seedlings per flat. Germinate at 80°F/27°C soil temp. for 6 days. Cover seeds lightly. Always use warm 70°F/21°C water do not lower soil temp. Transplant seedlings as soon as you can handle them (about 10 days from seeding) and at the same depth as they were in the seedling stage, not too deep. Keep transplants in a well ventilated area, no cold drafts.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow in rows or broadcast seed after June 10th. (or when soil has been warmed up to 70°F/21°C) Cover seed lightly with 1/8 in/3 mm. of soil, firm, water lightly. Transplant seedlings of tall types 20 in/51 cm apart, dwarf types 8-10 in/20-25 cm apart. Follow above suggestions when transplanting.

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