Spring Celebrities Formula Mix (Hollyhock)

Latin Name: Alcea rosea annua

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(30 in/75 cm) This naturally dwarf Hollyhock flowers 14-16 weeks from sowing. Pkt. contains 15 seeds.
(30 in/75 cm) This naturally dwarf Hollyhock flowers 14-16 weeks from sowing. Plants have an excellent basal branching habit. Semi-double to double flowers has long bloom time as flowers open along the length of each stem. Packet contains 15 seeds.


Annual 2 - 5 ft/1 - 2 m

GREENHOUSE: Sow indoors Apr. 1st. at 60°F/l 6°C soil temp. 1/4 in/6 mm deep, cover seed with fine soil and firm. Seed germinates in about 10 days. Transplant seedlings when the first true leaves appear (approx. 3 weeks after germination) - into 3 in/8 cm peat pots. Grow transplants at 65°F/18°C for 4 weeks, then reduce air temp. to 55 - 60°F/l 3 - 16°C to harden plants before setting them outside. Transplant outdoors June 10th., 12 in/31 cm apart. Red Spiders love this species, so plants should be treated with a good systemic. Annual hollyhocks grow rapidly during the dry months - so they are not usually bothered by rust disease which attacks the perennial types. Plants flower in late July from indoor sowings.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outdoors from Apr. 25th - May 1st for Aug. blooms. Annual Hollyhocks like average soil, with lots of sun.


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