Sparkler Lavender (Cleome)

Latin Name: Cleome hasslerana

Item #: R835B

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F1 hybrid semi dwarf cleome. Purple blooms. Pkt contains 10 seeds. Primed seed.
Sturdy, more wind tolerant, 3 ft/1 m plants are bushier than standard O/Ps and may be sold in flower in 6 in/15 cm or larger containers. Crop time 10-12 weeks. Purple blooms. Pkt contains 10 seeds. Primed seed.


Annual 36 - 40 in/91 - 102 cm Approx. 13,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Sow Mar. 5th - Apr. 15th for bedding plant sales and July blooms. Pre-chill seeds @ 40°F/4°C for 5 days before sowing. Sometimes seed germinates best when sown in a cold frame, not in the greenhouse. Seed responds to alternating soil temperatures of 85°F/29°C. days and 65°F/18°C night temps. Germinates usually in 10 - 12 days. 1 oz./28 gr. sows 12(20 x 12 in./51 x 31 cm.) flats @ 600 - 700 seedlings per flat. Germination is often very uneven, so you should sort your seedlings to size, when transplanting. Seedlings should be ready for transplanting in about 3 - 4 weeks from seeding.

DIRECT SEEDING: Seed germinates easily outdoors. Sow May 1st., thin seedlings to 16 in/41cm apart or transplant about 3 weeks after germination. Sow thinly. Plants bloom in late July or early August. Sow seed about 1/8 in./3 mm. deep - cover lightly and firm.


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