Latin Name: Rumex acetosa

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60 days. Perennial. Lemon flavored, 8 in/20cm sword shaped leaves. Use in soups and sauces. Pkt contains 300 seeds.

60 days. Perennial. Lemon flavored, 8 in/20cm sword shaped leaves are harvested young. Use in soups and sauces. Sow May 1st. 34,000 seeds per oz./28g. Pkt. contains 300 seeds.

SORREL - Rumex Acetosa

Perennial Approx. 34,000 seeds per oz/28 g

Grown as an annual or perennial. Bright green, spade shaped, 8 in/20 cm leaves have a distinct lemon flavor and are used fresh in salads or cooked in sauces or soups.

CULTURE: Start indoors for early spring transplants in cell packs or small peat pots. This is a 60 day crop so indoor sowings should be made by March 15th. Sow outdoors as soon as you usually sow early radish (April 1st in the northeast). Space rows 18 in/46 cm apart and direct seed plants 8 in/20 cm apart in the row. Press seed into the surface and cover lightly. Seed should germinate in 7 - 10 days. Sorrel prefers a semi shaded well drained area to grow. As plants mature keep seed stalks cut so the plant will continue to produce a good quality leaf crop throughout the hot days of mid summer. (Good leaves will reappear in the fall, even if plants bolt to seed).

HARVEST: Pick side leaves sparingly until plants become established in late spring. Then heavier harvests are possible - or cut the whole plant just above the crown or center of the plant. Over-wintered plants will spread and can be divided each spring. 46 days from transplants or 60 days to harvest from a direct seeding outdoors. Harvest leaves from successive sowings every 15 - 20 days from April - May seedings.


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