Sky Blue (Nolana)

Latin Name: Nolana paradoxa

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Suitable for Small Pots


Hanging Basket Type


(4 in/10 cm) Dwarf, creeping plants produce masses of 2 in/5 cm Morning Glory type blooms. Pkt. contains 50 seeds.
(4 in/10 cm) Dwarf, creeping plants spread 15 in/38 cm producing masses of 2 in/5 cm Morning Glory type blooms. Sky blue with contrasting large white throats. Likes dry, sunny areas. Pkt. contains 50 seeds.

NOLANA Trailing

Annual 10 in/25 cm Approx. 5,500 seeds per oz/28 g; approx. 200 seeds/gram 1,000 plants/l0 g.

CULTURE: Primarily used for ground covers or hanging baskets. Plants trail 10 in/25 cm and spread 15 in/38 cm producing masses of single 2.5 in/6 cm morning glory type blooms - sky blue in color with a creamy yellow throat. Easy to grow plants will flower in paks in 6 weeks or baskets in 8-10 weeks from seeding. To extend the flowering season remove seed pods as they form after the bloom is finished

GREENHOUSE: Sow Feb. 15th for June flowers. Plants like cooler growing and blooming periods (similar to pansies) and will go to seed during real hot weather. Germinate at 70°F/21°C for 15 days, press seed into the soil surface, do not cover with soil. About 4 weeks after sowing transplant into 4 in/l0 cm pots, paks or baskets for sale. Plants like fairly dry, sunny areas and do not bloom very well in dense shade. This species nolana paradoxa or N. napiformis is also known as "Cliff-Hanger', Blue Sky or Sky Blue. Sow six weeks before May sales.


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