Silverado (Dusty Miller)

Latin Name: Cineraria maritima

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Suitable for Containers:


Cineraria (10 in/25 cm) Leaves are finely cut, silver white and beautifully laced. Raw seed. Pkt. contains 150 seeds.

(10 in/25 cm) Cineraria. Leaves are finely cut, silver white and beautifully laced. Plants are bushy, compact and ideal for containers and edging plans. High germination for density growers. Raw seed. Pkt. contains 150 seeds.

DUSTY MILLER (Cineraria Foliage)   

Annual (8 in/20 cm)

GREENHOUSE: This lovely foliage plant may be grown as a pot plant or a bedding plant. Sow in Jan. for May pot plants or Feb. 1-15th for bedding plant sales. Germinate @ 70°F/21°C soil temp. for 10 days. Press seed into the surface-do not cover. Water seeds thoroughly with lukewarm water and cover with clear glass or plastic. Seedlings grow rather slowly at first and are quite responsive to longer day light periods. Faster growth can be encouraged by maintaining 15 hour days. Transplant when about 1 in/25 mm high at the same depth as the seedlings (not too deep). Grow @ 55°F/13°C. Pinch out the centers of the plant as it turns from green to silver-gray for real dwarf bushy plants. Spray periodically for aphids or white fly.

HOME GARDEN: This species grows at rather a slow rate so it is not practical to seed it outdoors. Sow the seed indoors between Mar. 15th and April 1st (as above) and you should have nice 3-4 in/8-10 cm plants for setting outdoors by June 10th . Dig up and repot the best plants. Sept. 15th in 6 in/15 cm. pots. They make a beautiful foliage houseplant for Christmas.

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