Robust 128-YH Hybrid (Popcorn/ornamental)


Latin Name: Zea mays

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110 Days



110 days. Hulless yellow hybrid for short season. Well-rooted plants with 7.5 in/19 cm double ears.
110 days. Hulless yellow hybrid for short season areas. Tall, well-rooted plants with 7.5 in/19 cm double ears. About 67 kernels per 10 grams and a 45 MWVT popping volume. Great flavor, isolate from sweet corn.

ORNAMENTAL POPCORN - for the home garden

2 oz/57 g sows approx. 125 ft/39 m of row

CULTURE: Watch those kids take a special interest in that garden of yours the day that you plant popcorn seed. Sow seed about May 20th, 0.5 in/13 mm deep in hills or groups of 3 or 4 seeds per group, 2 ft/61 cm apart in rows 2.5 ft/76 cm apart. Minimum soil temperature for proper germination is about 55°F/13°C for popcorn. Fertilize, spray and care for just like sweet corn. The only difference is the product and the method of harvesting. Ears are quite a bit smaller than sweet corn. They are only 5 in/13 cm long and quite plump in appearance.

HARVEST: in late August or September. Tiny ears can be protected from the birds by slipping paper bags over the ears in early August. Let the cobs fully mature, cut the stalks and let them dry for about seven days in the basement or garage. Strip the ears of leaves and remove the dried kernels from the cob with a corn shredder or knife. Use throughout the winter months. This particular strain will expand about 25 times in size when popped and is very tender, pink or white.


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