Red Rubin Basil

Latin Name: O. basilicum

Item #: 700B

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Suitable for Small Pots




80 days. Annual. Improved Dark Opal, plain edged leaves are dark red. Pkt. contains 100 seeds.
80 days. Annual. Improved Dark Opal, plain edged leaves are dark red. 15 in/38 cm Ornamental. Pkt. contains 100 seeds.

SWEET BASIL - Ornamental

Annual 16,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Sow indoors Apr. 1st. for bedding plant sales. Press seed lightly into the surface, about 1/8 in/3 mm deep, do not cover as seed needs light to germinate. Germinate at 70°F/21°C day and 65°F/18°C night temps. for about 7 days. Maintain these air temps. for about 2 weeks after germination then lower growing temp. to 50°F/10°C to prevent leggy growth. Plants should be ready for sale 6-8 weeks after seeding.

DIRECT SEEDING: Sow outdoors May 20th 1/8 in/3 mm deep, do not cover. Thin or space plants 6 in/15 cm apart. Cut a few plant tops off just after they have blossomed. Hang tops upside down in a dry basement for winter flavoring. Prune excess foliage and re-pot a few plants before your first Fall frost. Use as a crimson leafed pot plant or as a novelty foliage plant for borders.


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