Rapido White (Campanula/pelleted)

Latin Name: Campanula carpatica

Item #: P742Y

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Suitable for Small Pots


F1 Hybrid. (5-7 in/13-18 cm) high plants are mounded in shape and spread 5-8 in/13-20 cm. Pkt. contains 10 pellets.
F1 Hybrid. (5-7 in/13-18 cm) high plants are mounded in shape and spread 5-8 in/13-20 cm. Space 12-14 in/30-36 cm apart outdoors. Young plants have better vigor and uniformity which delivers better finished plants. Pelleted Seed only. Sow Dec-Jan like pansies for March/April blooms. Pkt. contains 10 pellets.

CAMPANULA (Bell Flower)

Perennial Approx. 120,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Sow indoors Sept. 1st for 4 in/10 cm spring pots or Mar. 1st - 15th for late May sales in 2.25 in/6 cm pots. Germinate @ 70°F/21°C soil temp. for about 14 days. Sow seed 1/8 in/3 mm deep, cover seed lightly and firm. Transplant seedlings about 30 days after germination or when they are large enough to handle, into 3 in/8 cm peat pots. Grow at 55°F/13°C for 14 days, then lower air temp. to 45°F/7°C for 2 weeks before setting potted transplants outside in late May after frost dangers are past.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outdoors, each year in June for large Spring plants and blooms during next June and July. Dwarf types Carpatica Harebell and Rotundifolia are excellent rock garden species. Canterbury Bells are 2.5 ft/76 cm tall, a favorite combined with delphiniums and hollyhocks, etc. in background plantings. Campanula likes well drained soil of average fertility and thrives in full sun or partial shade. Remove seed pods to prolong flowering period. Make divisions every third year.


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