Queen of Africa (Ammi Majus)

Latin Name: A. majus

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(36 in/91 cm) Delicate white flower clusters, 5 in/12 cm across. Refined selection of Queen Anne’s Lace. Pkt. contains 300 seeds.
(36 in/91 cm) Delicate white flower clusters, 5 in/12 cm across. Refined selection of Queen Anne’s Lace.  Pkt. contains 300 seeds.


Annual (36 in/91 cm) 40,000 seeds per oz/28 g

Used as a filler by most florists and a very popular as a cut flower with commercial growers. Use gloves to harvest stems. Delicate lacy white flower clusters are similar to the common roadside weed, Queen Anne's Lace but is much more refined. Crop time approx 15 weeks.

GREENHOUSE: Sow indoors March 1st. Seed must be chilled at 40-45°F/4-7°C for 1-2 weeks, prior to sowing to break dormancy. Cover seed lightly and germinate pre-chilled seed at 86°F/30°C days and 68°F/20°C nights. Seed should germinate between 70-80% in 7-14 days. Without alternating temperatures, results may be well below 50% germination. Transplant 3 weeks later. Move outdoors 4 weeks after transplanting.

DIRECT SOWING: Seed may also be sown directly into the ground, germination is often better outdoors (like Cleome) because of naturally alternating temperatures. Sow outdoors May 1st-15th (no later). Pre-chill seed prior to sowing. Outdoor temps of 58-62°F/14-17°C are ideal to establish strong seedlings outdoors and indoors. Transplant 12 in/30 cm apart. Plants grow 36 in/91 cm high and should be supported by one tier of mesh or two tiers in rainy areas as plants become top heavy when wet.

HARVEST PERIOD: 4-5 weeks for 80% open flowers. Blooms cut too early (50%) will wilt. Use gloves and protective clothing to harvest. Sap from the cut stems may irritate sensitive skin. Vase life 5-8 days, store at 37-40°F/3-4°C for 7 days.


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