Purple Majesty (Ornamental Millet)

Latin Name: Pennisetum glaucum

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(48-60 in/122-152 cm) Deep purple foliage with 12 in/30 cm long “cat tail” or “bull rush” seed spikes. Pkt contains 10 seeds.

(48-60 in/122-152 cm) Tall. F1 hybrid - Deep purple foliage with “cat tail” or “bull rush” seed spikes 12 in/30 cm long. Each plant has about 3 main stems with some side shoots. Prefers full sun. Crop time 10-14 weeks. Use as cut flower. Young plants are green. Sunlight induces purple color. Pkt contains 10 seeds.

Ornamental Millet (Pennisetum glaucum)

Annual 4 ft/1.2 m  Approx. 32,000 seeds per oz/28gr

A striking deep purple foliage plant with 12-14 in/30-35 cm purple stems and cat-tail like seed spikes. Ideal for tall borders, mass plantings and as a landscape backdrop. Each plant has 1-3 main stems and a few secondary shoots. Plants like full sun if possible. Young plants are green, but foliage turns dark purple after 8 leaves have developed. Because plants may be green when sold-a color picture label is recommended to help consumers understand what the plant looks like after it is planted in the garden. If seed pods are to be harvested for cut flower arrangements, cut them as they mature, to avoid bird damage.

This is a warm-season crop. High temps result in faster growth and taller plants. Keep light levels high (not shaded) for stronger, thicker stems. Outdoor temps below 60°F/16°C will stop plant growth. Plants are very tolerant to heat and low moisture conditions.

CULTURE: Allow 10-14 weeks crop time for gallon containers or 5-6 weeks for 8 in/20 cm pots. If plants become root bound or set seed spikes prematurely in containers before sale-plants will mature at this shorter height. Sow about Feb.15 - Mar.1st directly into 6-8 in/15-20 cm pots. Germinate @ 72-78°F/22-26°C for 3-5 days. Use well drained soil or medium with a pH of 5.5-6.3, cover seed lightly. Soil temps below 68°F/20°C will significantly delay germination. Keep soil moist until seed germinates-then reduce moisture level. Do not let seedlings wilt! 68-74°F/20-23°C days. Feed plants weekly with 150-200 ppm N in a complete fertilizer. Growth regulators are not recommended at this time and pinching is not necessary. Over mature seed spikes will attract birds in early Sept. F1 hybrid.


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