Premium Sun Watermelon (Coleus)

Latin Name: Solenostemon scutellarioides

Item #: P1811F

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(18-26 in/46-66 cm) Cherry-red leaves with green edge.

Use Premium Sun coleus in the sun…and in the shade, too! These well-branched, vigorous plants show off beautiful multi-patterned foliage that stays the center of attention all season, thanks to the very late-flowering habit. Cherry-red leaves with green edge in cool conditions mature to a deep pink under warmer conditions. Plants grow up to 18-26 in/46-66 cm in the garden.

Premium Sun offers exceptional versatility in production, too – the collection is well suited to standard and 306 premium packs, 5-in/13-cm pots, and gallon pots with 3 plants per pot. Supplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seed. Packet contains 10 seeds.


GREENHOUSE: For early pot culture, sow in Dec. For bedding plant sales, sow Jan. 30th. - Mar. 15th. 1/32 oz/1 g sows approx. 4 (20 x 12 in/51 x 31 cm) flats at 700 - 800 seedlings per flat. Germinate at 70°F/21°C soil temp., for 7 - 10 days. Seed should be pressed lightly into the surface of the soil, and not covered as it requires light to germinate properly. Use luke warm water. Sow as thinly as possible, keep well ventilated, as coleus damps-off easily. Transplant in 15 days, not too deep. For richer colors, shade with cheesecloth. When transplanting mixtures, keep smaller plants to the outside edge of the box. Fringed types usually contain a percentage of plain leaf types, which should be rogued out.

HOME GARDEN: Sow outside June 1st., transplant in about 10 days, 8 in/20 cm apart. Pinch flower buds as they form. Re-pot best colors in Sept. before frost for ideal house plant during winter months.


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