Pony Tails (Stipa tenuissima/pelleted)

Latin Name: Stipa tenuissama

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(16 -24 in/41-61 cm) Excellent for 4 in/10 cm pots, gallon containers for patios or ornamental backgrounds for annuals in parks. Pkt. contains 10 pellets.

(16 -24 in/41-61 cm) Excellent for 4 in/10 cm pots, gallon containers for patios or ornamental backgrounds for annuals in parks. Plants grow to 3 ft/1 m in second year. Sow Jan. 15-Feb 1st. for May sales. Crop time 14 weeks from seed to bloom. Multi-seed pellets.  Pkt. contains 10 pellets.

Pony Tails (stipa tenuissima)

Perennial 16-20 in/40-50 cm Approx. 2000 seeds per oz/28 gr.

CULTURE: Sow indoors Jan 15th-Feb 1st for mature plumes the first year-for May/June bedding plant sales. Use about 1oz/28gr. of seed for 1000 plants. Allow about 14-16 weeks crop time from seeding to plume flowering. Plants prefer well drained, sandy soil. Germinate @ 65°F/18°C nights and 70°F/21°C days for 22-30 days. Press seed into the soil surface and cover lightly (like gross seed). Normal germination is about 65-70% over this 4 week period. Excellent ornamental foliage for 4 in/10 cm pots or gallon containers for pot and patio spring sales. Pony Tails can also be used as a "knee high" foliage bedding plant for full sun areas and large patio containers. Used extensively in parks for formal annual or perennial display beds. Plants average 20 in/50 cm the second year and can be divided and transplanted in clumps of 2 or 3 plants to additional gallon containers or garden areas. Space plants about 25 in/64 cm apart in full sun or semi shade.


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