Poetry™ White (Nemesia)

Latin Name: N. foetans

Item #: P1144D

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Suitable for Containers:


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Fragrant and well suited for bedding plant or container use.
Plants branch nicely without pinching. Fragrant and well suited for bedding plant or container use. Cool crop companion with pansies. Pkt. contains 10 pellets.


Annual 6 - 10 in/23 - 40 cm Approx. 90,000 - 140,000 seeds per oz/28 g

For early blooms, sow indoors Mar. 1st., transplant outside May 15th. 8 in./20cm. apart. May also be sown outdoors May 1st. Nemesia prefers a cool climate or semi shaded areas. Mass plantings 6 - 8 in/15 - 20 cm apart helps to support fragile plant and keep ground temp. cool around the roots. Pinch center stems for compact growth. Keep soil moist (not soggy) apply fertilizer regularly. Cut flowers last 2 - 3 day.

GREENHOUSE: Sow Jan. to Feb. for April and May flowers in 2.25 or 3 in/ 6 - 8 cm pots. An excellent dwarf pot plant for combination or pan work. Germinate at 60°F/16°C soil temp. for 8 days in total darkness. Press seed into soil and cover with a fine dusting of Jiffy Mix. Keep transplants moist and cool, grow at 55 - 60°F/13 - 16°C.


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