Pikan (Strawberry/hybrid)

Latin Name: Fragaria x ananassa Duch.

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120 Days



Suitable for Containers:


120 days. Everbearing Strawberry. Perennial. Unique plant with pink blooms and bright green leaves. Pkt. contains 15 seeds.
Everbearing Strawberry. Perennial. F1 hybrid. 120 days. Unique plant with pink blooms and bright green leaves is vigorous and compact. Medium sized fruit are high in sugar, excellent taste. Perennial plant is well suited for growing in the garden. Pkt. contains 15 seeds

EVERBEARING STRAWBERRY - for mixed containers, fresh market and home gardens

Perennial Approx. 45,000 seeds per oz/28 g. About 2000-3000 seedlings per 1/16 oz/2 g

GREENHOUSE: Both the open pollinated and the new European hybrids have similar crop times of 120 days from seed or about 70-80 days from transplants. The O/P types have a more upright plant whereas the new hybrids have a more vigorous, bushy, faster growing plant which provides a better base branching plant for high density pot production, hanging baskets or containers. The hybrids produce lots of flowers and larger medium sized fruit the first year from seed.

CULTURE: Sow by hand or machine from Nov. 15 - Jan. 31 (like fibrous begonias, pansies or dianthus) about 3-5 months before sale in containers. The hybrids are day neutral, but extra light will speed up crop time on late sowings. Germinate at 68-72°F/20-22°C for 7-10 days. Avoid greenhouse temperatures above 75°F/23°C, which will cause poor germination results. Press seed into a fine soil mixture and cover seed lightly with coarse vermiculite. Cover seedling flat with plastic or glass to conserve moisture. Remove covering as seed germinates. Transplant seedlings 6-8 weeks later at the 3rd true leaf stage. Grow transplants in good light. Seedlings are sensitive to high salts especially during the germination period, so do not over-fertilize. Grow plants cooler at 60-65°F/15.5-18°C (like onions) to encourage huskier, bushier plants. Transplant into mixed gallon containers, hanging baskets or 4 in/20 cm pots 6 weeks after the first transplanting.

HOME GARDENERS may sow later in March (using the same directions as above) for August harvests of berries. Earlier commercial sowings should provide a continuous supply of fresh berries from May until fall. Plants should winter-over in most sub-freezing areas. Fertilize mature plants like most vegetables throughout the summer months.


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