Opera Supreme Pink Morn (Petunia/multiflora/pelleted)

Latin Name: petunia x hybrida

Item #: P1203A

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Suitable for Containers:


Hanging Basket Type


Excellent trailing or spreading habit, with plants extending to 3.5 ft/1.1 m wide (twice that of the Waves). Blooms are 2.5 in/6 cm in size.
The Opera Supreme series is similar to the original Wave type in its’ prostrate 6 in/15 cm plant height, but has much stronger stems and generates more flowers, with a crop time of only 10 weeks from seed. Excellent trailing or spreading habit, with plants extending to 3.5 ft/1.1 m wide (twice that of the Waves). AAS Winner. Iridescent pink blooms are the unique feature of this vigorous trailing petunia. A silvery shine cause blooms to shimmer. The 2.5 in/6 cm flowers are pink, shading to creamy white in the center with a yellow throat. Pelleted seed.

PETUNIA (Grandiflora and Multiflora Singles)

Approx. 210,000 - 280,000 seeds per oz/28 gr. (Annual 12 - 16 in/30 - 41 cm)

GREENHOUSE: Grandifloras for Mother's Day and Easter pot sales are usually sown Dec. 1st. For May - June bedding plant and container sales, sow between Jan. 30th. - Feb. 28th. Seed sown Mar. 1st should produce flowering plants by June 15th. Multifloras are used for mass bedding only.

CULTURE: We use pure Jiffy Mix in our seedling flats, rather than soil mixtures - for better germination. Fill the flat to within 1/4 in/6 mm. from the top and firm (especially the corners), so you don't get erosion when watering. Soak the seed flat thoroughly before sowing, with luke warm water (70°F/21°C) and a good fungicide to prevent disease. Mark the rows 2 in/5 cm apart, and 1/8 in/3 mm deep, 1/2 in/13 mm wide - with the edge of a label or a marking board. If you are sowing several different colors in the same flat - it might be a good idea to place a piece of cardboard across the flat on both sides of the row that you are sowing - to prevent mixtures. Broadcast the seed as thinly as possible in each row. Press the seed firmly into the surface. We do not usually cover with soil - as some colors are light responsive. If you believe in covering the seed - use coarse vermiculite - it retains moisture and allows enough light for proper germination. To conserve moisture, cover seed flats with plastic, glass or paper. For ideal germination soil temp. must be 80°F/27°C (air temp. of 86°F/30°C days and 65°F/l 8°C nights). The soil temp. must not drop below 70°F/21°C. Use bottom heat if possible. Seed will germinate according to color (pinks, blues and whites first - reds last) in 5 - 1 0 days. Do not use cold water- it lowers the soil temp. and weakens tender seedlings. Uncover your seed bed at the first signs of germination, to prevent tall weak seedlings. Grow seedlings cool at 65°F/l8°C. Transplant 4 to 5 weeks after seeding, 1 - 1 1/2 in./3 - 4 cm. apart, and at the same depth as they were when in the seed flat. Grow at 55 - 60°F/13 - 16°C. for stocky plants.

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