Novella Rose (Lavatera)

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Suitable for Containers:


(4 in/10 cm) Dwarf. Early flowering flower with bright rose blooms on compact plants, ideal for pot and patio. Pkt contain 15 seeds.
(4 in/10 cm) Dwarf. Early flowering flower with bright rose blooms on compact plants, ideal for pot and patio. Grows to a height of 8 in/20 cm in pots, 24 in/60 cm in the garden.

Superb outdoor performance blooming throughout the summer - Primed seed.  Pkt contain 15 seeds.

Dwarf Lavatera

Annual mallow - trimestris Approx. 5,670 seeds per oz/28 gr. This is an earlier flowering, dwarf strain (8 in/20 cm) which is suitable for pots or patio plantings. Blooms average 3 in/8 cm. The Novella type can also be sown directly outdoors May 20th in warm 60 - 65°F/16 - 18°C soil in a sunny location. Plants will grow slightly taller outdoors (approx 16 - 24 in/20 - 60 cm in height) have hairy stems with maple like leaves and produce striking, but short lived cut flowers.

CULTURE: Sow Feb 1st - 20th for early summer blooms in pots. Most lavatera do not transplant well. Seeds are fairly hard - soak seeds in warm water for 48 hours before sowing. Sow seed in small peat pots to minimize root disturbance. Cover seed lightly and germinate seeds @ 70°F/21°C for 14 - 21 days. Grow plants slightly cooler at nights as they become established. Maintain a good air flow around the pots to prevent Anthracrose and Sclerotinia infection. Growth regulators will promote a more uniform extra dwarf plant if required but are not necessary. Transplant peat pots into larger pots or gallon containers mid April for May sales. Use well drained soil that is not too rich. Soil that is too rich encourages lots of lush leaf growth at the expense of flowers. Do not use fertilizers and keep plants fairly dry. Too much water promotes leaf spot, rust and mildew. Space plants about 16 in/40 cm apart in outdoor beds, use in mixed pans with dwarf cosmos and other annuals or containers in full sun. Plants are generally trouble free but can be susceptible to some leaf diseases if crowded, in late summer - like ring spot; watermelon and okra mosaics and anthracrose.


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