Nonstop Mocca Yellow (Begonia pellets/tuberous)

Latin Name: Begonia tuberhybrida

Item #: P720Y

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Suitable for Containers:


F1 hybrid. Yellow 4 in/10 cm fully double blooms on plants with dark coffee colored foliage.  Pkt. contains 50 pellets.
This series produces 100% double flowers, 4 in/10 cm across on 12 in/31 cm plants. Use for sales of 4 in/10 cm pots in late summer or spring as a bedding plant.  Pkt. contains 50 pellets.

BEGONIA boliviensis

CULTURE: Single seed pellets @ approx. 85% germ. Use well drained media with balanced fertilizer (pH 5.5-6.2). Maintain high moisture, germinate in 14 days @ 73°F/23°C; do not cover pellets; use additional light (50W per m2) to aid germ. Reduce temps to 70°F/21°C; lower humidity, use tempered water on seedlings and continue long daylength (14 hour) lighting. Grow @ 64°F/18°C. Transplant plugs 7-8 weeks after germ. Avoid soluble salts in your soil.

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