Minowase Summer Cross #3 (Daikon Radish/hybrid)

Latin Name: Raphanus sativus

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50 Days



50 days. (Japanese Daikon) Best variety for fall harvests. Long 16 in/40cm, tapered 2.5 in/5.25 cm thick crisp pure white roots. Pkt. contains 100 seeds.
50 days. (Japanese Daikon) Best variety for fall harvests. Long 16 in/40cm, tapered 2 1/2 in./51/4 cm thick, crisp, pure white roots have white necks, medium/tall tops. Pungent/mild hot taste. Tolerant to Mosaic Virus, Fusarium and heat. Pkt. contains 100 seeds.

RADISH - Daikon Japanese Type

10- 15 lbs./6 kg per acre; oz./28 g sows about 200 ft./61 m

Daiko or Daikon types are much more parallel sided than Lo Bok (Chinese types). They are also mildly pungent especially in hot weather. Both types do much better than round types during the heat. Weather stress causes Champion, Cherry Belle, etc. to bolt to seed, get very hot and pithy or split badly. Not so with the longer types like White Icicle, Lo Bok or Daiko, they just lose a little sweetness. Lo Bok has a wider shoulder and is much more tapered or wedge shaped than Daiko. The taste of Daiko vs. Lo Bok is much more pungent than the Chinese strain during warm weather.

CULTURE: Most growers that use daiko do not use it for early spring sowings because it will get too pungent as the hot weather arrives Most growers sow it from mid June - July 10th, harvesting it during cooler weather during late Aug. or Sept. Sow in rows 12 in/31 cm apart; 0.5 in/13 mm deep at 2 seeds per inch/25 mm. Thin to 4 in/10 cm apart. Seed germinates in about 5 days at 40-70°F/4-21°C. Make at least 3 sowings a few days apart. This type does best on loose ground (like carrots) so you must be careful not to compact sandy soils too much by walking down between the rows. Soil should be worked to a depth of at least 8 in/20 cm to keep the roots nice and straight, smooth, etc. Do not use raw or fresh manure on this crop or it will quickly bolt to seed and attract root maggots. Limit fertilizer to 275 lbs/125 kg of 15-15-15 per acre. Harvest just like carrots. Smaller growers should consider raised beds.


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