Mini Blue (Lavender/perennial)

Latin Name: Lavendula angustifolia

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(10 in/25 cm) First year flowering type, short dark blue flower spikes on rich, grey-green foliage. Fragrant. Pkt contains 25 seeds.
(10 in/25 cm) First year flowering type. Bred for large scale, overwintered pot plant production. Strong  stemmed, spreading plants produce lots of short dark blue flower spikes on rich, grey-green foliage. Good cold & foliage disease tolerances. Compact, well branched plants do not need trimming and ship to market in pots very well. Pkt contains 25 seeds.


Approx. 25,000 seeds per oz/28 g

CULTURE: A strain of true English Lavender. Freeze seed for 24 hours before sowing. Sow outdoors April 15th - May 15th. Seed is very fine, and should be pressed into the soil, do not cover with soil. Germinate @ 45 - 60°F/7 - 16°C soil temp. for about 30 days. Space seeds @ 8 per in/2.5 cm in rows or sow in clumps. Thin seedlings about 2 months after seeding to 12 in/31 cm apart.

Lavender is a double purpose plant, it can be used as a flavor herb or as a fragrant cut flower that retains it's aroma years after cutting. Dwarf bushy plants are also used for borders or rock - gardens; gray-green foliage offers an interesting contrast to purple flowers which bloom in late June or August. Choose a light sandy soil that is not too rich. Heavier fertile soil causes soft growth which creates a hardiness problem as winter sets in. Harvest flowers just before they are fully open. Dry in a cool airy place to provide sweetly perfumed material for sachets. Trim back extra foliage after flowering to keep plants tidy. Provide a light mulch of straw or leaves in areas where winter is severe. Clones are propagated by cuttings taken each summer.


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