Mermaid Blue Lisianthus (Hybrid/dwarf/pellets)

Latin Name: Eustoma grandiflorum F1

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Eustoma. (8in/20cm) Dwarf, base branching plants do not require pinching or growth regulator. 
Eustoma. (8in/20cm) An earlier flowering Lisa type.  Dwarf, base branching plants do not require pinching or growth regulator.  Allow 120 days from seeding to sale.

DWARF LISIANTHUS (Eustoma Russellianus)

8 in/20 cm Approx. 625,000 raw seeds per oz/28 g

CULTURE: The dwarf species is primarily used as a potted plant. Sow pelleted seed Oct.-Jan., pot transplants Dec.-Mar., plants should flower May-June. Press pelleted seed into the surface. Germinate at 70-75°F/20-25°C for 15 days. Use seedling or plug trays with a mix (70% perilite/30% peat moss). Never let the trays dry out during the germination period so that the pellets dissolve. Keep the mix moist throughout the 15 day germination period. As seeds sprout move plugs or seedling tray to a well ventilated area with plenty of air circulation. Grow plants cooler at 60-70°F/15-20°C. As seedlings appear and mature into small plants - thin plants to 1 in/2 1/2 cm apart. Young seedlings are very slow to grow and require extreme care when controlling greenhouse growing temperatures. Temperatures over 75°F/25°C and below 23°F/-5°C have a tendency to stress the young plant into forming premature rosettes or buds - which is difficult to cure once it happens. Other stress factors, such as low sunlight/day length, excessive humidity as well as high temperatures will cause disease problems and spindly, tall seedlings with poor root systems. About 60-70 days after seeding - when seedlings have 4 - 6 true leaves, transplant into 4 in/10 cm pots. Use well drained, rich soil with plenty of humus. A pH of 6.5 and E.C. (electrical conductivity) of 0.5 - 0.8 is recommended. Move plants to a sunny, well ventilated location, to finish plants. Cutworms and thrips should be controlled. Use recommended controls for both botrytis and fusarium. Dwarf, base branching plants do not require pinching or growth regulator. The Mermaid series can also be used as a semi-shade bedding plant outdoors. Allow about 120 days from seeding to sale in the northeast.


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