Melting Fire (Heuchera)

Latin Name: Heuchera brizodes (sanguinea)

Item #: P983M

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(18 in/46 cm) Beautiful large plant, strong curled leaves with intense purple-red color.
(18 in/46 cm) Beautiful large plant, strong curled leaves with intense purple-red color. The young leaves on a full-grown plant are bright blood red, creating an exciting “hot” center in each plant. The attractive color and texture of the foliage lasts all season long. A multitude of peachy/pink flowering spikes add exceptional garden interest. Pkt. contains 50 pellets.

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells)

Perennial 12 in/31 cm Approx. 900,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Sow indoors thinly about Mar. 1st. Germinate @ 50 - 60°F/10 - 16°C soil temp. Press fine seed into the surface of the soil, do not cover with soil. Seedlings are really tiny, and you may have to use tweezers to transplant in groups of 3 or 4 seedlings per 2 1/4 in/6 cm peat pot. Thick sowings damp off easily. Plants flower the following year, during June and July, and are not really at their best until the second or third year.

DIRECT SOWING: Choose well drained, rich soil with full sun or semi shade. Sow outdoors as a rock garden subject, May 1st. as thinly as possible. Press seed into the soil and do not cover. Thin seedlings to 4 in/10 cm apart. Transplant plants in groups or borders at 12 in/31 cm intervals, as soon as possible. Place the crown of the plant, 1 in/25 mm below the soil surface for winter protection and mulch lightly with straw in Oct. To prolong flowering season, keep seed pods picked off and keep well watered during dry weather. Do not make divisions for at least 4 years. An excellent cut flower! Heuchera manages to provide color in the garden throughout the entire summer with masses of tiny bell flowers or it's unusual heart shaped, veined foliage - which turns bronze in the fall. This is one perennial that is easily forced in pots for greenhouse cutting.


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