Marvel of Peru Mix (Four O'Clocks)

Latin Name: Miabilis jalapa

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(24 in/61 cm) Rose, red, yellow, pink and white.
(24 in/61 cm) Rose, red, yellow, pink and white. Pkt. contains 40 seeds.


Annual 24 in/61 cm Approx. 300 seeds per oz/28 g

CULTURE: Sow outdoors June 1st. for Aug. blooms. Broadcast seed where it is to bloom. Cover seeds lightly. Thin seedlings to 8 in/ 20 cm apart. Plants bloom late in the summer till frost and are hardy in some southern climates. Plants are tolerant to dust, fumes and soot. Flowers remain shut on cloudy days and open late in the afternoon on sunny days. Once you start four o'clocks they will generally re-seed themselves and provide blooms every summer.


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