Livingstone Daisy Mix

Latin Name: Mesembryanthemum Criniflorum

Item #: 1095A

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Suitable for Containers:


Great for shade and containers. Long flowering.
(6 in/15 cm) Six color mixture. Pkt contains 700 seeds.


Approx. 112,000 seeds per oz/28 g; Annual 6 in/15 cm

GREENHOUSE: Sow direct into 2 1/4 in/6 cm Jiffy Strips about Mar. 15th., press seed into the surface lightly, do not cover. Seed is very fine, broadcast it over the complete surface of the pot (approx. 20 seeds per pot). Keep moist and warm until germination. Grow @ 60°F/16°C. This species does not transplant very well so pots should not be set outside until the soil temp. increases to 65°F/18°C. Place plants about 4 - 6 in/10 - 15 cm apart so that the plant's base branching habit protects the tender root system from intense summer sunlight.

DIRECT SOWING: Broadcast the seed outside where it is to bloom, Apr. 15th. Thin to 4 in/10 cm apart. Excellent for rock gardens and colorful borders. Likes sandy, cooler, semi shaded areas.


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