Limón (Talinum)

Latin Name: Talinum paniculatum

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Mounded plants with bright lime green foliage. Tough plants, with upright seed stalks covered in tiny rose-pink flowers.
Mounded plants with bright lime green foliage reach a garden height of 28-32 in/70-80 cm, spreading 44-48 in/1.1 to 1.2 m. Tough plants, with upright seed stalks covered in tiny rose-pink flowers, have good vigor, tolerating heat and drought. Prefers full sun, easy to grow, for containers, and gardens


Annual - 28 in/70 cm Approx. 90,000 seeds per oz/28 g

Talinum - Limon has unique, mounded lime green foliage which averages about 14 in/35 cm in height. As plants mature, they spread to 44 in/1 m and develop additional 14 in/35 cm upright seed stalks that have tiny pink blooms. Plants thrive in dry, hot conditions in full sun or semi shade locations. When plants are exposed to extreme sunlight and fertilized soil, plus average moisture, Limon's foliage shows off an even more vibrant chartreuse color. In partial shade, foliage becomes a lighter lime green color. Plants have no known insect or disease problems. Pinching and growth regulators are not required. An ideal plant for landscapes or large container use.

CULTURE: Sow around Jan 15 into 288 or 400 cell plugs. Seed is very small. Press seed into the surface and cover lightly. Keep moist. Germinate @ 74°F/24°C for 4 to 8 days. Grow plugs or seedlings @ 70°F/21°C days and 64°F/18°C nights for 5 weeks. Transplant into packs or 4 in/10 cm pots. Foliage should be ready for sale 5 weeks later. Add 2 more weeks if flowers are required. Avoid excessive watering and drought as plants develop. Do not allow plants to wilt. Fertilize lightly as needed. Crop time approx. 10-14 weeks.

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