Komatsuna (Japanese Green)

Latin Name: Brassica rapa var. perviridis

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35 Days



Open Pollinated


35 days. All season Japanese Green. Easy to grow. Mild, tender greens for salads and stir-fry. Pkt contains 100 seeds.
35 days. All season Japanese Green. Easy to grow. Mild, tender greens for salads and stir-fry. Uniform upright plants with slender, tasty, cylindrical green stems and dark green, round leaves. Disease tolerant. Pkt contains 100 seeds.


Japanese Mustard Spinach

Brassica rapa perviridis: Komatsuna is a typical Japanese leafy vegetable with a flavor between cabbage and mustard. Young leaves, stalks and tender flower shoots are used in salads, stir-fries, soups, meats and sauces. In Japan it is also very popular to salt pickle Komatsuna. A long time favorite in Japanese markets this All Season mild leafy green vegetable is usually sold in small bunches of young plants which include tender roots, cylindrical stems and dark green, round leaves. Plants are upright, fast growing and ready to harvest in about 35 days. Komatsuna is very tolerant to low temperatures and diseases is slow to bolt to seed-easy to grow.

CULTURE: Start sowing outdoors Apr. 1st on a monthly basis until mid fall or Oct 1st. Sow 12 in/30 cm apart @ 2 seeds per inch/25 mm. If you are going to harvest the shorter young plants-thin seedlings to about 1.5-2 in/4-5 cm apart. For larger plants, thin to 8 in/20 cm apart.

HARVEST young 10-12 in/25-30 cm plants in bunches of 25 plants every 30-35 days. Secure bunches for sales with wide rubber bands. Make fall sowings by late Aug or early Sept. Overmature plants can get 3 ft/96 cm tall, where only the leaves are usable.

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