Joey® (Ptilotus Exaltatus)

Latin Name: ptilotus exaltatus

Item #: 1921A

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Large, conical spikes of feathery flowers top thick silver green foliage. Pkts contain 10 seeds
A drought and heat tolerant plant from Australia. Large, conical spikes of feathery flowers top thick silver green foliage The 4 in/10 cm bottlebrush flower spikes are silvery pink with neon pink tips. Use as accent in flower beds or in gallon containers in sunny locations.


Annual (15 in/38 cm)Approx. 22,400 seeds per oz/28 g

A native of central Australia often referred to as the “bottlebrush flower”. Large 4 in/10 cm feathery conical silvery pink spikes have neon pink tips, which contrast nicely with the thick silvery green plant foliage. Plants have excellent heat and drought tolerance. Easy to grow, use in flower beds or gallon containers as a unique accent. Plants prefer full sun. Crop time sowing to flower is 12-16 weeks.

CULTURE: Sow anytime from Jan 15 to June 1. Germinate @ 75°F/24°C for 7 days. Cover seed lightly with slightly moist vermiculite or soil in a sunny greenhouse location. Transplant seedlings 8 weeks later in clean well-drained sandy soil. Grow seedlings and transplants @70°F/21°C and moderate soil moisture levels. Avoid temperatures below 54°F/12°C. Maintain a pH level of 5.5-6.5 if possible. Plants are day length neutral, but will flower earlier if grown in a sunny area. Higher light levels promote a shorter, better branched plant with larger flower spikes. Fertilize moderately on a weekly basis, after transplanting, with fertilizer @ 100 ppm nitrogen. Avoid high ammonium, nitrogen or phosphate levels. Make sure your soil is free of soil-borne diseases.

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